Killer Riffs in Outer Space

The Final Frontier (2011)

The Final Frontier (2011)

Learning that British metal band Iron Maiden has a new release coming in September prompted me to pick up their last one, 2011’s The Final Frontier.I haven’t had it long, but I will post a review when I’ve gotten more familiar.

Maiden has been at this since the 1980s, in a career that has seen the original singer leave, the second singer take the band to the height of its success, the second singer leaving and then returning after the third singer had recorded two albums. One of the original guitarists also left and returned, but the replacement didn’t leave when the first came back, making Maiden possibly the only band to feature a triple guitar attack,

The forthcoming The Book Of Souls looks like it could be even more epic than anything the band has done to date. While I anticipate it, I’ll have to get in the mood with the back catalog.