Earth Day Playlist

One small part of the Earth.

One small part of the Earth.


Some songs to celebrate Mother Earth, on Earth Day or any other day (because doesn’t every day belong to the Earth?)

Peter Mayer, “Ordinary Day,” from Heaven Below. A celebration of the many amazing things that are happening every moment of every day.

Peter Mayer, “Church of the Earth,” also from Heaven Below. All about the majestic beauty of the world, the heaven below.

“Land, Sky and Sea,” by Damh the Bard, from The Cauldron Born. A song about escaping the urban confines to be “in your wild places with the land and the sky and the sea.”

Peter Mayer’s “Holy Now” from Million Year Mind. A song about the sacredness of everything.

“Blue Boat Home,” also by Peter Mayer, from Earth Town Square.. Set to a traditional hymn melody, this song celebrates the “blue boat” on which we sail through the universe.

“Bury Me Deep,” by Poi Dog Pondering, from Wishing Like A Mountain And Thinking Like The Sea. About the return to the Earth each of us will eventually make.

“High Country Snows” by Dan Fogelberg, from an album of the same title. Just a simple, nice song about an aspect of nature.

“On Midwinter’s Day,” another track from Damh the Bard’s The Cauldron Born. Another cold-weather tune.

“Thank You Mother” by Kellianna, from The Ancient Ones. A rousing celebration of the Earth.
“One Woman And A Shovel” by Carrie Newcomer, from Geography of Light. A passionate song about taking action on behalf of the Earth.